Matterne Messing - Messingguss und Bronzekunst
Historical, cast fittings for windows, doors and furniture
  • Around 200 designs from all periods and in various styles
  • Renovation and production of new elements

Door fittings

  • Design with security features (reinforced external fittings, bolted internal connections, protection against drilling and removal of the pin)
  • Anti-panic fittings with fixed / rotating bearing
  • Springs supporting handles in heavy door knobs
  • Modification / adaptation of old fittings for modern escutcheons
  • Offset knobs
  • Production from own or the client's designs

Window fittings

  • Modification / adaptation of old fittings for modern window systems (new olive escutcheons, square pins)
  • Production from own or the client's designs

lockable window handles according to customer's pattern

Ironworks / metal structures
  • Railings, grates
  • Refitting of old locks
  • Adaptation of historical door and window hinges

Coats of arms

Fittings for horse drawn carriages, harnesses, etc.


Prank gadgets

Plaques, medals for special occasions, municipal celebrations, etc.

Hunting accessories

Custom made

Stylish lighting fittings
  • Making new items and renovation of classic lighting fittings (wall lamps, table lamps, hanging lamps)
  • Production from own or the client's designs
  • Modification / retrofitting of cast and tin metal lamps (rounded and cast elements ...)
Small size technical elements
  • Levers, footrests, handles, brand symbols, decorative elements, figurines, replacement parts for historical cash registers, watches, model construction elements, coin-operated machines
  • Custom made
Bronze products, inscriptions

Production of

  • memorial plaques, inscriptions as per physical model or a computer file
  • gilded inscriptions
  • small sculptures
  • Custom made
Customized products

Reconstruction / processing / adding

  • handles, decorative elements for historical sabers, knives and swords
  • caps for flag poles
  • decorative fittings for uniforms and munition bags
Foundry shows

At request of groups of over 6 people, we organize foundry presentations, training courses and shows